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Do not wait until there are summons from the Court/Police or coercive decision of the competent state agencies to find a lawyer in Vietnam. Find yourself and your family a private lawyer to advise on all daily legal issues, including personal and business matters. When you have your own personal lawyer or regular consultant, the rights of you, your parents, your spouse, your children, and your loved ones will be protected to the fullest extent. KM UNION law firm will prevent, eliminate legal risks, help you always feel secure. Vietnamese lawyers of KM UNION law firm will always listen and answer your legal problems.

1. When is a private lawyer needed? When should you hire a consultant regularly?

– You don’t need to be rich or famous to have a personal lawyer. As long as you care about legal issues, want to be safe, protected, be able to make informed decisions, and limit unforeseen risks due to lack of legal knowledge, want a companion to share problems in life and work, then you need a personal private lawyer

– The private lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm will accompany and advise regularly, quickly and promptly so that you can be assured, confident and professional in life and work.

– When doing business, dealing with partners, if you introduce and advertise that you have your own personal private lawyer to advise, partners and customers will trust and respect you more, feel secure in their psychology.

– When you have your own lawyer, you can ask all questions without having to search online yourself, because the answers via google and over the internet are not verified by anyone and no one is responsible for you.

2. Why should you choose KM UNION Law Firm as your own lawyer?

The personal lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm has professional qualifications, consulting skills, and legal knowledge.

The private lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm always serves customers with the best, serving quickly, wholeheartedly, professionally, towards the needs of customers, always listening, understanding, keeping secrets for clients.

Private lawyer of KM UNION law firm who specialize in civil law consulting shall consult on the establishment – protection – termination of property ownership, give legal advice on contracts, compensation for damage, advice on inheritance, land use rights, legal advice on family (marriage, divorce, property division, child custody dispute, ..) and other related issues for individuals and households; give legal advice on Land, Inheritance, Labor, give legal advice on administrative procedures…;

Privare lawyer  of KM UNION law firm who specialize in real estate related problems shall advises on resolving disputes about Land, Inheritance, Contracts, Marriage and family, disputes over compensation, loans, guarantees, … which relating to land or house or apartments,…

KM UNION Law Firm’s litigation lawyer specializes in consulting, assisting in legal proceedings, administrative procedures, and providing legal support for litigants to participate in litigation to protect their legitimate rights and interests at the competent authority;

24/7 private lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm keeps in touch with clients 24/24 to ensure timely handling of all arising legal issues, fastest and most effective legal support;

Regular consulting private attorneys of KM UNION Law Firm will advise and answer regularly on all relevant legal issues for individuals requesting according to the scope of services provided (consulting, analyzing and suggest options to clients to support them choose the best one and  to solve problems effectively and quickly); provide legal documents in accordance with the individual’s business goals or at the request of the enterprise;

Our authorized  lawyer shall performs authorized work, represents dispute resolution, participates in litigation to protect legitimate rights and interests within the scope of private lawyer services.The contract lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm will check the legal nature of the contract, transactional and administrative documents; supervise the implementation of laws and regulations and rules of departments within the enterprise in order to control maximum risks in business activities of the enterprise.

KM UNION Law Firm’s personal lawyer will assist businesses in drafting contracts and reviewing the legality of contracts of all kinds; The private lawyer on debt collection and bad debt handling of KM UNION Law Firm will advise on solutions to handle bad debts;The business lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm will advise in the following areas: Enterprise, Trade, Tax, Labor, Civil, Investment, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the business

3. How much money is needed to hire a private lawyer?

Every citizen has the right to legal security, whether rich or poor, urban or rural, manual or intellectual. The private lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm serves all your needs.

If you need a private lawyer in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact UNION Law Firm.

If you need your own lawyer in Binh Duong, please contact KM UNION Law FirmIf you need a lawyer in Hanoi, Da Nang or any other province, please contact KM UNION Law Firm.

KM UNION law firm has many service packages to serve all your needs.

For details of service packages, please see here: Details of the price list of private law services of KM UNION Law Firm.

KM UNION law firm has a super preferential service package, 200,000 VND / month for customers with few requirements, we also have a maximum package fee of 30,000,000 VND / month for customers with many consultation requests.

Regardless of the fee, KM UNION Law Firm  provides thoughtful and dedicated service within the agreed scope of work.

If you do not want to pay monthly, KM UNION Law Firm is ready to serve you on each request. To enjoy a preferential consulting fee, reduce financial burden when hiring a lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm, you can choose to consult legal via email or Zalo/Whatsapp.

Price for each consultation via email/Zalo/Whatsapp with us  as follows:

  1. Pay by question: 300,000 VND / 1 question via email or text message (general consultation, excluding drafting documents and contracts).
  2. Pay due to time spent: 300,000 VND/ 1 hour (feedback and exchange via zalo/whatsapp messages).

The above fee applies only to simple, general, directional and general questions. For complex questions, it is necessary to study many records, documents, .. Our lawyers will quote the fee before implementation. The private lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm absolutely does not charge high fees, does not charge unreasonable fees for clients. The private lawyer of KM UNION Law Firm absolutely does not charge for the work that is not agreed by the client in advance on the price.

Do not hesitate to contact  KM UNION Law Firm to find you the best private lawyer.


Zalo/Phone: 0932124427

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